When the World Wearies
And Society ceases to Please
There is always
The Garden.
Kates Cow Cookies 08:43

Well I can hear you saying, shes 20 years old, whats the big deal!
Well for someone with memory problems, cooking can be a terrible problem, because they tend to forget they have put something in the oven...and you can guess what happens next!
Kate made these the other day and they were rather yummy! (wont tell you how many I ate...!)
If she decides to go back to university and this time it wont be near home it will be the very very very far north (eekkk what am I going to do!)
she has got to be able to fend for herself and that also means cooking, so for the next 6 months she has just got to try and find the best method to remember there is something in the oven, other than standing next to it for the allotted time! Alarms, notes, they dont work, as she forgets what said alarm, note is for!
Since her accident which happened when she was 13, she hasnt lived the life she would have done before the accident, she has had to re-learn a lot of things and gets on very well. But having a memory which can forget within seconds is a hinderance to say the least! I have pinched these pics from her facebook as still havent got to around to buying new camera havent got a spare penny  or using Kates very complicated one i need glasses just to turn the thing on.......
So well done Kate and cant wait for the heart cookies this weekend!


Anonymous said...

They look fab (and bet they tasted great?). Well done you on setting up your etsy shop. Please do let me know how you get on with it. I wish you lots and lots of luck with it.xx

all kinds of everything said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment.
I can imagine that you are proud of your daughter.
She is a beautiful girl.
And I think the cookies are looking if they are a picture from a magazine.

country rose corner said...

Thanks Helen and Suzanne, and Kate says thank you to you both for the comments on her cookies. They were so tasty! She is making chocolate chip cookies tomorrow, think she has got the cooking bug at the moment!
Betty xx

Anya said...

Hi Betty,
Kate is doing so well, I am really proud so I know how you must feel x
I have just read that Kate wants to go back to uni, which is good news, but a long way away. That sounds scary!! What course is she looking to go on??
So nice to find your blog it's been lovely to read.
Love to everyone
Anya x x