When the World Wearies
And Society ceases to Please
There is always
The Garden.
Andy Murrays Epic Match 30 June 2009 09:11

Am totally exhausted this morning after watching Andy Murrays epic match at Wimbledon on TV last night. Lasted 4 minutes short of 4 hours and I swear I played every shot with him! Poor Andy, I hope he managed to get a good sleep last night ready for the quarters on Wednesday. Talk about Braveheart, he showed immense courage and looked very emotional at the end. Well done Andy!
Must try and get in the garden today (was far too hot to stay out for more than a few minutes yesterday, and it looks like it is hotter today) Have bought some expensive strong mesh to make covers for my veg polytunnels, hoping to keep the slugs and snails off my lettuces. They have managed to get inside the greenhouse and demolish many lettuce plants. Havent managed to find the right size covers for my tunnels, so decided to make some from the enviromesh i bought from http://www.gardening-naturally.com/ Will have to get the sewing machine out today I think before I dont have any salad crops left. My tunnels are 2 metres long x 1 metre wide and about 32 inches high, and I have looked everywhere for replacement covers (fleece and mesh). I also have some cheap smaller tunnels I bought from the Pound Shop, which are about 2m long but not very wide or high, just right for lettuces, so I think I may use the metal arches from these to make smaller tunnels for the lettuce, and make sure I dig some of the enviromesh down into the soil to stop those pests! Photos to follow hopefully!

Heat & Hail 12:12

lower photo is a californian poppy, either champagne and roses or summer sorbet. Others are all papaver somniferums.

Has been very hot and stifling and at tea time when I was settling down to watch Andy Murray at Wimbledon on the tv when it decided to thunder down golf ball sized hail for at least an hour. Thunder, lightning and floods later, managed to wade through the water and take Max my German Shepherd into the garden. The garden was devastated by the hail and most of my poppies and roses were snapped off or bedraggled. My potato patch was completely flattened as I havent been earthing up as much as I should have but amazingly the sweetcorn is still standing upright. Luckily took some photos of the poppies yesterday morning so have a record of whats what. Will just have to be content with seedheads for next year now :( Well at least Andy Murray won and very convincingly too! :)

What a month 12:01

Havent posted for a month because I ruined my camera..the usb lead was squashed and I forced it in only to ruin the camera port and losing all my photos on the internal memory. So have bought some memory cards now. But lost beautiful pics of some of my newer oriental poppies.

Last Sunday went to Brighton and spent 5 hours on a one hour coach journey. Two accidents and 27,000 bike riders on the London to Brighton Bike Race later.....Only 2 and half hours to come home, no accidents, just 27,000 bike riders put their 27,000 bikes on top of their 27,000 cars and all decided to come our way. Have you ever been on pavements and piers where all 27,000 bike riders seem to be going in the opposite direction to you? It wasnt nice...I was prodded and poked with more pieces of bikes that I care to remember!

Went to Royal Pavilion with dad and son Damon. Been before with Kate years ago. Cant take photos inside which is silly because it is so beautiful and striking. Took photos outside but doesnt do the building justice as you just cant fit it all in, but managed to get dad in front of one of the domes!