When the World Wearies
And Society ceases to Please
There is always
The Garden.
Heat & Hail 12:12

lower photo is a californian poppy, either champagne and roses or summer sorbet. Others are all papaver somniferums.

Has been very hot and stifling and at tea time when I was settling down to watch Andy Murray at Wimbledon on the tv when it decided to thunder down golf ball sized hail for at least an hour. Thunder, lightning and floods later, managed to wade through the water and take Max my German Shepherd into the garden. The garden was devastated by the hail and most of my poppies and roses were snapped off or bedraggled. My potato patch was completely flattened as I havent been earthing up as much as I should have but amazingly the sweetcorn is still standing upright. Luckily took some photos of the poppies yesterday morning so have a record of whats what. Will just have to be content with seedheads for next year now :( Well at least Andy Murray won and very convincingly too! :)


Paper Roses said...

Betty you are such a great gardener... all your roses look wonderful, i really enjoy walking around your garden with you and listening to all the names of your many lovely old roses.
I especially love the souvenir de Dr Jarmain.
Your pictures are beautiful, and i am really inspired by you and your natural gift of making everything special.....
Love Debbie.