When the World Wearies
And Society ceases to Please
There is always
The Garden.
A new beginning? 07:25

I always intended this blog to be more of a garden diary, to show how my green fingers I seem to have inherited from my mother and grandfather are getting greener. But sadly the last few years my dearest dad developed dementia and I had no time for anything but him. I hasten to add I would have had it no other way. I seem to have spent all my growing up years looking after family and not spending much time on myself. Now I have the time, sadly I find myself not wanting to do anything. Dad passed away on 22nd November, we buried him 16th December, and the rest of that month was spent clearing out the two lifetimes of my parents. As anyone who has cared for a relative 24/7 will know, their death leaves a gaping hole, and part of me feels guilty for wanting to do anything that I haven't been able to enjoy for years. A couple of days after dad passed away I had to sign on at the Job Centre at the age of 60 (thanks government for raising my pensionable age to 67 and a half!) I have applied for jobs but no-one seems to want me-not sure if I am happy or sad at that!
My dear dad, William Henry Golding, as he would introduce himself to one and all, had a very happy and healthy life until a couple of months before his death, and so my New Year resolution is to try and live the rest of what I have left being as happy as my dad and spend it doing what I like best, gardening and being with my family. And to try my hardest to become a little selfish (it will be difficult) and indulge myself for a change.

Reunited with mum now :)