When the World Wearies
And Society ceases to Please
There is always
The Garden.
6th September 2009 10:49

I made some cushions,tussie mussie and stocking sets last year, but then got rid of them on ebay - regret it now as I have decided I like them after all....time to get the sewing machine out I think and make some more! Feel in a sewing mood but hurt my back last night taking my socks off before playing Wii Fit with Kate...should be called Wii Unfit for me I think!

4th september 2009 15:03

Well she moaned.....more up to date photos of Kate - as you will see, she changes her hair colour by the week almost. I think we look quite alike, heres one of me at the age of 16

4th September 2009 14:09

My daughter Kate is moaning that there are pics of the pets and andy murray on here but none of her. So stop moaning...although she will moan more now because they are not her favourite pictures and none are up to date, latest about 6 years ago! Picture of Kate and Damon on Millenium night, and my fav one of my dad and Damon at Christmas when he was about 5 or 6 about 1978 ish

4th September 2009 13:15

It was very windy yesterday so decided to bring some flowers into the bedroom.I dont know why but I dont normally have cut flowers in the house or houseplants for that matter.When they look so beautiful in the garden I just hate to cut them I suppose. I have one single houseplant, a mother in laws tongue that I bought when I was 16 in my lunchbreak when working at Grand Buildings Trafalgar Sq. I still have it,although i always forget to water it (up on bathroom cupboard,too high to reach, but it still survives) Put lovely roses,echinops,golden rod,annual asters and some herbs on my bedside table, but removed them when I got in bed. Table looked bare this morning, so I am going to have to replace them with something floral when they start drooping.

Thats stimpey on my bed, I am going to have to watch my lovely antique white cover, its so beautiful and i have had it years,but stimpey does tend to drool....
Andy Murray is playing tonight at the US Open, but at least at a decent hour this time(went to bed about 4am after watching his last match!) For people who say he doesnt smile much, look at this lovely pic of him during his match with Gulbis. For a lovely short smiling video, click on the link below.