When the World Wearies
And Society ceases to Please
There is always
The Garden.
What a month 12:01

Havent posted for a month because I ruined my camera..the usb lead was squashed and I forced it in only to ruin the camera port and losing all my photos on the internal memory. So have bought some memory cards now. But lost beautiful pics of some of my newer oriental poppies.

Last Sunday went to Brighton and spent 5 hours on a one hour coach journey. Two accidents and 27,000 bike riders on the London to Brighton Bike Race later.....Only 2 and half hours to come home, no accidents, just 27,000 bike riders put their 27,000 bikes on top of their 27,000 cars and all decided to come our way. Have you ever been on pavements and piers where all 27,000 bike riders seem to be going in the opposite direction to you? It wasnt nice...I was prodded and poked with more pieces of bikes that I care to remember!

Went to Royal Pavilion with dad and son Damon. Been before with Kate years ago. Cant take photos inside which is silly because it is so beautiful and striking. Took photos outside but doesnt do the building justice as you just cant fit it all in, but managed to get dad in front of one of the domes!