When the World Wearies
And Society ceases to Please
There is always
The Garden.
Fish,Rain and Gertrude Jekyll 17:02

Torrential rain this morning and at 6 am I had to get 19 fish out of pond as pump was broken and they had been gasping poor things. I looked a sorry sight when I finished at 6.45, soaked with rain and dirty pond water!

The roses are looking lovely in the very strong breeze today. Gertrude Jekyll has about 100 blooms and buds,and Madame Gregoire Stachelin is so gorgeous. Souvenir du Dr Jamain is out, only two lovely dark roses so far (which are much darker than the photo), as I moved this rose along with several others earlier in the year. Constance Spry is just beginning, but Max my german shepherd chased a fox over the fence last night and the fox broke two large stems off.

Two slow worms decided to have a rest in the shade yesterday (beautiful and hot yesterday, what a change from today) One, the male I assume, has the females neck in his mouth.
Planted my courgettes and cucumbers into the ground in the greenhouse and potted on tomatoes, aubergines and various peppers today. Cant wait to try out my own produce this year.