When the World Wearies
And Society ceases to Please
There is always
The Garden.
Idea for a quilt 10:11

While thinking of my mum this morning, I had an idea for a quilt. I already have a box of memory treasures of mum, but then I was thinking of my female ancestors and how I could put my mum, grandmothers,  great grandmothers and gt gt grandmothers names on a quilt. Add mine and that makes 16 a nice number for patchwork! And ready to hand down the female line (Kate are you listening.???..)

Betsy Cooper (my mother)
grandmothers Ocean Brinkley and Grace Bingle
great grandmothers Conceletta Scarrott, Patience Smith, Lucy Felmingham and Emma Louisa Holmes
great great grandmothers Rhoda Smith, Mary Ann Willoughby, Susannah Fisher, Elizabeth Jane Funnell, Ann Jones, Adelaide Baxter,  Esther Loveridge and Eliza Lee

Thought it a good idea to stop at great great grandmothers as I have far too many going back to as much as 17th greats. I have quite a few famous/infamous ancestors, I think that is a good idea for another post!

 Maybe embroidered or make some printed squares which would be much quicker.... maybe embroider the prints, and I could add some photos, although I dont have photos of all of them. Hmmm, think it will take me a week or so to come up with the right idea...if only my printer would take my lovely thick white linen... maybe I will have to embroider after all. Watch this space.....! Must get back to painting the kitchen first tho!


Anonymous said...

Hi Betty - what a fabulous idea. You know how much I LOVE your printed items, so I think that the names in print would be simply beautiful. Have you made anyhting from the mag yet? Helen xxx

country rose corner said...

Yes Helen, I think I am going to print their names, photos, in lovely fonts, just need to buy some more solution first as I have run out. It will be quicker and I can always add some hand embroidery anyway. I havent made anything from the lovely French magazine you sent me yet. I am going to put it in my blog next week to thank you. Havent had time to photograph the magazine yet, have only been using photos already on my pc for my mums birthday thread. Ive been busy painting the sitting room and kitchen, and am about to start on the hall....Got spring cleaning urge early! My camera has died, so have to use Kates expensive and very complicated one.. hence the delay in photographing the magazine, and my decorating which I am pleased with. Paint and ladders should be all packed away by Tuesday, so I can then start photographing! Betty xx

Anonymous said...

Good - I wasn't nagging, just worried if you were OK. Well done with all that decorating. I started my hall last month and I really must crack on and finish it...xx