When the World Wearies
And Society ceases to Please
There is always
The Garden.
Charles de Mills Gallica 07:43

I got a bargain from Morrisons on Monday, a Charles de Mills Gallica rose for £1.99! I always look at their plants when getting my elderly fathers shopping every Monday. Unfortunately all the other roses were hybrid teas which I am not a lover of-give me an old fashioned rose any day!(a good description of myself I think-well the old fashioned part!)
Still havent got my camera working or learnt to use Kates complicated one properly yet, so heres a Charles de Mill from google images

have planted it in between Ferdinand Pitchard and Rose de Rescht, surrounded by peonies, larkspur, oriental and annual poppies and lavenders. Cant wait to see it flower hopefully this summer.
Well back to decorating.....


all kinds of everything said...

Hi Betty,
Lucky you!I love Gallicia roses and the combination of plants sounds beautiful.
I’m planning a new border with roses, but the spot is very dry so I have to find out:
what is possible?
Suzanne xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Betty
can you recommend me a rose to go over a seat in my garden? Would obviously need to be thornless and preferable have a nice fragrance? Thanks!xx

country rose corner said...

Hello Suzanne and Helen, roses are possibly my most favourite subject in the whole world, and a fragrant rose is a must.For Suzannes question, you do not say if your dry border is in the shade or not? You can grow roses in a dry soil, but new roses like any plants, need watering well especially the first year. If you dig in a good damp compost and make sure you keep watered, there should be no problems. For shade go here
http://www.davidaustinroses.com/english/Advanced.asp?PageId=2020 and you will see varieties that grow in shade.
For Helens question, if you go here http://www.davidaustinroses.com/english/Advanced.asp?PageId=2026
you will find lots of thornless, or maybe some although say thornless have not many thorns. The majority of David Austin roses flower all summer, and I have quite a few, Gertrude Jekyll is my favourite perfume of all roses-mine has grown into a climber and last year had over a hundred roses all at once, the perfume was amazing and it bloomed up to December. Zephrine Drouhin is the most famous thornless rose and it is completely thornless, I grow it,has a nice fragrance but not overpowering.I probably have well over 30 climbing and rambling roses and my favourites are Gertrude Jekyll, Constance Spry (both which are shrub type roses but you can grow into climbers,both mine are huge) Iceberg I love,it has hundreds and hundreds of white blooms at a time and David Austin used this quite common garden rose in a lot of his breeding of English roses,I have 3 climbing icebergs and a couple of bush icebergs, couldnt be without it.I couldnt live without roses-there is nothing more beautiful! Betty xxx