When the World Wearies
And Society ceases to Please
There is always
The Garden.
Link to French Larkspur giveaway 13:17

Well I still havent had chance to photograph all my makes - migraine and weather have been too bad, and daughter Kate has been playing Modern Warcraft until all hours (she goes to bed when I get up) since her break up with boyfriend Matt a month ago she has taken again to sleeping in my bed.
The weather here in Kent (as all over England I expect) is terrible, very gusty and torrential downpours, so I have been looking around blog land and have found  a lovely blog http://frenchlarkspur.blogspot.com/  by Tracey, and she is having a marvellous giveaway. It includes some lovely textiles with french wording on, which I love (a lot of my recent makes have English and French words on so I am going to enter Traceys giveaway- i have never entered one before) So click on French Larkspurs link and have a look! What a lovely name too, roses, larkspur, geranium and poppies, my most favourite flowers. I grow larkspur every year, most of it self seeding, some from an original sowing from my parents house back in the early 1970s.
Hopefully tomorrow I can pull Kate out of my bed and start photographing my lovely linen and gingham makes! Hope the weather isnt too bad where my blogger friends are, Betty x


Paper Roses said...

Hello Betty, just had to say how lovely all of your christmas stockings,pillows,bags and lavender bags are..I am loving a blog called Ticking and Toile and think you would love the pictures of all the skirted kitchen cupboards on there,
Look forward to seeing more of the christmas decorations.
Love Debbie.

english rose corner said...

Thanks Deb, and thanks for the lift to and from shopping today. I feel so bad moaning about my sciatia when you seem much much worse, poor you! Had delivery of more of my ginghams etc this afternoon. Didnt get chance to photograph anything as Kates finger got worse and had to go out and get her burns cream and dressings. Hopefully tomorrow....(been saying that for a month now!) May make my kitchen curtains etc tomorrow now instead. Will have a look at the website you suggested. See you soon Love Betty xxx