When the World Wearies
And Society ceases to Please
There is always
The Garden.
My gingham and linen makes 13:47

Well its been weeks and weeks since I started sewing my lovely raspberry gingham, powder blue/duckegg
gingham and laura ashley linen bits and pieces and finally today got around to photographing some of them.
Shame I didnt iron the piece of gingham on the left of this pic......

I printed words onto white and natural linen, the one above has faith, a silver hope charm, and then charity
Some are hop and lavender pillows and hearts

I also made some sweet little bags with Laura Ashley Clarice and lined with cream polka dot lawn, and these have appliqued faces or scenes on with vintage mother of pearl buttons and guipure lace Also some little brooch pillows or can be used for pin cushions.

I love this red gingham one, with faith and charity words and a rose printed pocket
I made loads and loads of victorian style hanging boots (my mum used to call these Luton boots that she wore when she was a little girl-shame she is no longer here to see what I have been sewing recently)

Am keeping some bits(made far too many, got carried away! And am running out of friends to give to!) So might put some on ebay later as it is free listing today, thats if I get time, West Ham are playing Man United, so will be watching the match, then its tea time for the hordes (dad, brother,son and daughter) so I might get to list some before midnight! Come on You Irons and beat Man Utd today!!


Anonymous said...

I am new to blogging & have just discovered you - what a pretty site! I hope you don't mind me listing you as a blog that I follow?
Your makes are beautiful. If you get the time (I now realise how time consuming this can be), could you share more information on how you made the lovely words on your hearts etc? Many thanks,

Jill cooper said...

Betsy....they are all beautiful....after looking at these I dont think I will be putting any photos on !.....I love the tread softly one...Bernadette had something similar put on Marks headstone...you are one talented lady...xxx