When the World Wearies
And Society ceases to Please
There is always
The Garden.

Heres wishing you all a merry Christmas and hope one and all has a happy, healthy New Year for 2010.

Here are a couple of pictures of my fireplace and tree, an artificial one, as pine needles in a dogs paw can be fatal (dogs are allergic to them I believe) My animals have to come first! My dear old reindeer and sleigh on the mantlepiece has been with me since I moved here about 28 years ago. I rescued him from a neighbours bonfire in November, and since then he has been on my mantlepiece every Christmas.He is rather threadbare now, but it wouldnt be Christmas without him! I made some little Joyeux Noel hearts for the tree and garlands and a stocking each for myself, Damon and Kate.

I had a nice surprise on Christmas Eve, a parcel arrived and I excitedly opened it to find an Andy Murray Fred Perry Tennis Shirt from his own collection! I had donated £15 to Malaria No More the charity Andy is involved with, and the first 100 people to donate would get a shirt from his collection. As I hadnt heard anything I was sure I would not be one of the lucky ones....I havent had much luck over the years so it was a lovely surprise.

 Kate and Damon think I am mad, they know how much I admire Andy as a tennis player, and even Kate is warming to him now he is girlfriendless! Damon noted that he was the same size as Andy and the shirt would fit him (normally I would give my son the world, but he is not having my Andy top!)
Well merry Christmas to everyone, and I hope you all get some peace and happiness this Christmas and for 2010. And roll on a Grand Slam for Andy, thats my wish for 2010!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all
love Elizabeth (Betty) xxx


Sadie said...

yes ,the first decade has certainly had it's ups and downs. Personally for me, my worst year was 2005 when my two young nephews were knocked over while crossing a busy road with their paternal grandparents. My eldest nephew spent a week on life support at Addenbrookes, the younger 'only' had a fractured leg and was incredibly lucky that his grandmother had been carrying him. Their grandmother died a few weeks later, and their grandfather died this past October - he'd lost both legs in the accident. It was horrendous. Then, a couple of months later I found out I was pregnant with gorgeous girl and my family had something to look forward to.

Our lives all changed that year. Not all for the better. I hope and pray that this new decade doesn't bring anything as tragically dramatic.

Anyway. Wanted to wish you a very happy 2010, and to say thank you for stopping by my diary. :o)
Had a quick glance through previous posts, I love how cosy your home looked for Chrismtas.

Sadie x

country rose corner said...

Thanks for you lovely comments about how cosy my home looked for Christmas Sadie, and how terrible one moment can change peoples lives as in your nephews accident - my daughter Kates accident happened when she was sitting at the bus shelter outside our close on her way to school and a car ploughed into her. She ended up with brain damage, epilepsy and a damaged leg, but shes alive and done well over the years.Didnt finish her course at uni because her memory is quite bad now but she is a very talented artist and may try again in a more artistic form. That day changed our lives forever,and although I am so lucky still to have my daughter with me,she isnt the same daughter I sent out to the bus shelter on 9th May 2003 and I do grieve for that Kate sometimes.But we go on and have to always be optimistic about the future and realise how lucky we really are. Heres to a lovely and tranquil 2010, best wishes Betty x