When the World Wearies
And Society ceases to Please
There is always
The Garden.
Kate as Belle 08:55

Goodness its been a while again, but I have been busy sewing if nothing else! My daughter Kate loves going to game expos. In May she went to one as a female warrior type with scanty costume and huge sword, but decided she wanted to go as something more pretty for the October expo. So I made her a Belle dress from Beauty and the Beast.  Kate said that hundreds of people took her photo, but we havent any of them! When she arrived and dressed in the toilets of the expo in London a girl took her photo and luckily posted it on the net, so here it is, rather blurry, here is my beautiful Belle

The picture doesnt do her any justice and she wants to do a photo shoot, but I think it is rather too cold at the moment. I suggested a shoot at Greenwich, on the steps of the Queens House would be nice, maybe when the weather warms up in the spring! I just wonder what outfit I have to make next time! Her favourite game is Call of Duty, so no doubt it will be something military!
Next post hopefully will be pics of  all my sewing I have been doing. I really have been going mad!


Paper Roses said...

Betty, Kate looks so beautiful... what an amazing dress so much work, i think you are such a talented person, cannot wait to see your lovely christmas things.
Love Debbie.xxx