When the World Wearies
And Society ceases to Please
There is always
The Garden.
Honouring all our Servicemen, past and present on Remembrance Sunday 09:05

I just wanted to post in remembrance of all our servicemen past and present who have died for our country and other countries far and wide. Coming from a long line of military men on my fathers side (his grandfather and great grandfather were career army men from 1860s to 1920 between them, and dad like most men of his age spent a good few years doing his bit, and both my grandfathers were in the trenches in the 1st World War)
I cant bear to listen to the news lately or read the papers to see how many of our young men are dying still in foreign fields. Let us hope they will all return home safe one day soon.


Paper Roses said...

I cannot look at the pictures of all those young men, i think of my Sam and Joe and pray that there is never a call up in our lifetime.... feel so heartbroken for all of the families who have suffered a loss.