When the World Wearies
And Society ceases to Please
There is always
The Garden.
rather late..... 00:12

I found this post as a draft and obviously forgot to post it..... wasnt this april birthday, must have been last april, as Damon will be 40 on Saturday.

I just found this on my laptop which i obviously had meant to post on my birthday, 6th April, and for some reason I didnt (If I remember rightly I spent hours looking through old photos and records)
Last week was my birthday and I spent a pretty nice day with my son Damon, in the garden and at home, nothing special, but all the same a lovely day. We got around to talking about when I die, what would he like from the home, and he said the antique gramophone (I have two, one a family piece and another left to me by a neighbour) Damon amused me by saying he could use both for some retro dj scratching and conversation then got around to records. I decided to clear said gramophone out to get Damon some old records out and then discovered some lovely pics of my boy when he was young (now almost 39) and then found my favourite photo of me aged almost 16, taken 3 weeks before my birthday on Euston tube station by my friend Sue (we had obviously been to some gig or the other) I thought I had lost the photo a few years back and was very pleased to find it on my birthday, my day brightened up :)