When the World Wearies
And Society ceases to Please
There is always
The Garden.
Friends 00:33

My oldest friend I am still in touch with is Sue McGookin nee Orsler-we met at our all girl school in the late 60's and have remained friends over the years. Sue recently lost her dear mother Eileen, who was like a second mum to me during my teenage years, and often Sue's mum and dad Bill, got us out of many a scrape...like the night we we in police cells at Bow Street (unlocked and for our own safety I hasten to add!) We had missed our last train from Charing Cross and met a nice 'bobby' in Trafalgar Square who took us back to Bow Street until Eileen and Bill could pick us up. The night, or early hours as it was then, got even more hilarious as on our way home in Bills mini van, with me and Sue in the back, we got stopped by police who were on the look out for a Bonnie and Clyde couple who had been on a robbing spree! I dont think Eileen and Bill were very impressed with us that night.....
Sue has always been an artist and is currently painting dog portraits, a genre in which she is incredibly talented.  Sue painted my German Shepherd Max(from a photo taken by my son- in -law Luke posted before on this blog)- Max's portrait now hangs proudly on my sitting room wall, and dear Eileen wouldnt let me pay for Sue's expenses and paid for it herself. Thank you dear Eileen, I will never forget you xxx

I have found another talented dog artist, non other than Kim Sears, Andy Murray's girlfriend.(Everyone knows that Andy is my favourite tennis player, so I wont go on about Wimbledon here!) Her blog, http://kimsears.com/wp/ shows some of her amazing work. I would love a portrait of my dear departed Stimpy, but dont think my meagre income would amount to a Kim Sears work, or even my dear Sue McGookin alas!