When the World Wearies
And Society ceases to Please
There is always
The Garden.
Missing Mum 17:40

Today is the third anniversary of my dear mother Betsy Cooper Golding passing away. People say it gets easier but I think it gets harder. Been in the garden all day where mum loved to be, and where I feel her near me.
Love you and miss you mum xxx


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of your mum Betty.xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Betty - we were destined to be friends...it is 8 years ago today that I lost my lovely Mum.xxx

country rose corner said...

Ahh my anonymous is my lovely friend and neighbour Gill, thanks Gill, and Helen, a horrible day for both of us then, I used to love the month of May, but now it always brings me sadness xx

Diane said...

I found your blog through blotanical. I'm really touched by the photos of your Mom. What a lovely tribute.....since she loved her flowers, she passed on that love to you.

Your gardens are beautiful and that's a living tribute to her.

Cheers from Canada.