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9th May 2003 7.40 am 08:31

Well the dreaded day is here, 7th anniversary of my daughter Kates accident. For those who dont know (there cant be many, ive spoken about it now for 7 years, my therapy) Kate was sitting outside our close in the bus shelter on her way to school when a car hit our neighbours car who were coming out of their garage and went into the side of the bus shelter and took the bus shelter and Kate with him. Me and mum heard the crash as we always stood at the window to watch the bus pull away and know that Kate was on it ok, I ran out to find her in the road, rivers of blood already coming from her head.
7 years, left temporal lobe brain damage, frontal lobe brain damage, temporal lobe epilepsy and a knee thats crushed and mis shapen and Kate just gets on with it, bless her. Her memory is so bad she sometimes doesnt even remember she has just eaten, she cant remember all the important things that has happened in her life in the past and every day gets worse, but she has never once complained!
I am a very lucky person that I still have my daughter with me, albeit a different daughter to the one who walked out the door that day in May and I do sometimes mourn for the one I lost, the one who would have sailed through life like a breeze.. Most people probably wouldnt think there is a thing wrong with Kate and thats the way she likes it, she says it has made her a stronger person, unfortunately I cant say the same for me and her brother Damon, the last 7 years has made us snivelling wrecks, but how glad we are that we still have our Katie Blossom  with us as her grandad calls her. We are very lucky indeed.


Anonymous said...

You certainly have the most beautiful daughter. I read an article recently about Mums who had lost loved ones in the Irag/Afgan wars. One Mum said when sh received the knock on the door 'I don't care how injured they are, just let them be alive'. Sadly her son wasn't. I cannot begin to imagine how you can begin to cope with what has happened to you Betty. My three are all still so young I would like to wrap them up in cotton wool and never let them go out...If Kate is with you today please give her a hug from the crazy lady who loves the things you make. I'm so glad that you still have her.xxx

country rose corner said...

Ahh thanks Helen, Kate is still in bed, probably was playing Call of Duty until a few hours ago (shes a night owl now)I know how lucky I am, me and Damon have discussed if the worse had happened that day. I felt terrible saying to him I would probably have killed myself and left him alone, but he said he would have done the same, because we couldnt be without her. Damon is 17 years older than Kate but they are very very close. She is an amazing girl, well woman now, its her 21 birthday in June, and just gets on with it. Thats what she says to me, oh mum just get on with it! xxx

RosieP said...

Such a tragedy, but at least you do still have her with you, that is a blessing in itself.

Hugs to all of you

RosieP x

country rose corner said...

Thanks for your lovely thoughts Rosie and Helen, much appreciated Betty xxx

Tracey said...

Oh how very hard for you as a mother to witness such a tragic accident and feel that a part of your daughter's life was changed for the worse...we only ever want the best for our children. But she must be very strong to have pulled thru and she is such a beauty!!! Love her and enjoy her and just thank God that she is with you every day!

Many blessings to your whole family ~

:) T

country rose corner said...

Thanks Tracey, she is very strong willed thank goodness and I am very very thankful that she is still with us, it could have been so much worse. I love your French Larkspur blog by the way xxx

Ticking and Toile said...

Oh my goodness ~ what trauma you have been through. I was so afraid when I was reading your post that you were going to say she passed away. Thank heavens she survived and is still a blossom in your life. I'm so happy for you. She must have a mission to accomplish here on earth ~ What a sweet girl.

Thanks for stopping by ~ I'm so glad you did. Your garden looks so lovely, and your roses look amazing!