When the World Wearies
And Society ceases to Please
There is always
The Garden.
Another glorious day! 11:01

Another beautiful day, following on from yesterdays amazing almost summer like day! Blue skies, no clouds, and the herbaceous borders looking a little more full at last.Max our german shepherd was worn out after chasing me around with the lawn mower. Stimpy our male cat, decided he liked the summerhouse (we call him shed boy, as he has been known to be locked in neighbours sheds and outbuildings fast asleep for up to 13 hours at a time while we have been frantically searching for him!) Pinched some pics from Kates facebook of Stimpy asleep on my wicker sofa in the summerhouse.

 Well at least you can get some closeups of one of my favourite fabrics, Jane Churchills Fairford, a beautiful duck egg linen with Rosa Mundi roses on. Stimpy agrees it is very beautiful! It was 85 degrees all day inside the summerhouse with the doors open. Son Damon is building some new glass/perspex doors for me, so will post pics of the summerhouse when the doors are finished.
Had a heron scare about an hour ago, while walking back from the local post office, the heron flew from my garden across the field above my head....I panicked and ran back (well hobbled with my sciatica!) only to find the fish all alive and well. The pond netting over and around has obviously put the heron off thank goodness!


RosieP said...

Oh, Stimpy looks so happy, snoozing

Have a lovely weekend

Hugs RosieP x

Riddlers cottage flowers said...

Your cat looks just lovely enjoying this sunshine. I look forward to reading you blog.
Take care Lesley.

all kinds of everything said...

They are both lovely;Stimpy and the fabric!
I was away for few days, in this short time in the garden has grown a lot, mostly weed .. so I'm now a few days working in the garden.
Suzanne xxx

Carol said...

Now that looks like one happy cat.
Loving the garden at the moment too.
Thank you for your kind words for my Mum Betty.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Wouldn't it be nice if we could come in and nap like that after a day of working in the yard? Glad the netting has been working for keeping the heron away. Every time I see one flying over our house I run to look out the back window. I haven't seen any in our pond for awhile now.