When the World Wearies
And Society ceases to Please
There is always
The Garden.
Spring has Sprung! 18:08

Hooray! The first day of Spring and it has been a lovely day here 
in my corner of Kent.
The first miniature narcissus are blooming and tulips are 
almost opening up. 

The sun has been shining and has cheered me up.
Son Damon has put together a nice 7x7 shed
which we are converting into a 
summerhouse for me. Not a huge space, but enough for table and chairs,
my comfy old wicker sofa and a nice cupboard or two.
 Curtains are already up,
although painting is not done yet!
Buying paint tomorrow.
I am too impatient!
Still no camera, so pics from kates phone,
thank you Kate, and thank you Damon
for building me my little refuge! xx


Anonymous said...

Hi Betty - I'm glad that your garden plans are coming together. xx

all kinds of everything said...

Hello Betty, Your spring flowers look beautiful compared with your garden, my garden is behind. There is not much in bloom. Only pansies.
You have a great son, building a summer house! Seems so fun to decorate, and enjoy the summer!
Hope you have a wonderful week, Suzanne xxx

all kinds of everything said...

Hello Betty,
To your question about the tail: It is a crocheted ball (because I had nothing else at hand to make a tail)
Have you already finished painting?
I hope you have a nice week with good weather.

Anonymous said...

Hi Betty - I have an award for you.xx

country rose corner said...

Thanks Helen, I havent forgotten my gift for you, havent had chance for any crafting, been too busy decorating, then painting and decorating shed/cum summerhouse and got a few family probs, but hopefully over easter weekend i can spend some time to myself and get the fabric and bubble jet set out! xxx

Sadie said...

wishing you a very happy Easter :O)
I posted the award yesterday, thank you for sending it my way.

Sadie x

Riddlers cottage flowers said...

My wellibobs come from joules and I love them. To nice to garden in so have an old pair for that! I too love duck egg blue that is why I have change my dresser to that colour and always have pink roses on it, just lovely. Thankyou for looking at my blog. Take care Lesley.