When the World Wearies
And Society ceases to Please
There is always
The Garden.
Cooking with Kate 15:14

Kate has been poorly for a few days since the wretched medical at Chatham where we had to wait  2 and half hours to be seen to, just for yet another doctor to agree she has brain damage, epilepsy and a damaged leg...
Today she awoke feeling brighter
and decided to bake some
cookies and gingerbread men
Whilst Kate decorated her gingerbread men in a 
Modern Warfare theme,Captain Price
and Ghost
I decorated mine in a rather more 
restrained fashion

Heres Kates interpretation of her
and her best friend
Brett as gingerbread people
or as Brett prefers to be called
gingerbrett man
Will just have to teach her to cook everything
now, and then I can have a rest
every evening, instead of slaving 
over a hot stove!


RosieP said...

Cookies and Gingerbread look great, made me quite hungry looking at them. I adore some of your rose photographs, I love roses, the look, the smell and the flavour.

Hugs RosieP x

country rose corner said...

Thanks Rosie, I agree Roses are the best, and you have the right name, dont you! Betty xx

all kinds of everything said...

Mmmm,I like those cookies and gingerbread!Kate's decorations makes me smile :)Last week the children had spring vacation and
we spent some time in the kitchen
They baked cupcakes and decorate it also at there own way.
My regards to your creative daughter.
Suzanne xxx

country rose corner said...

Thanks Suzanne, Kate loves your drawings by the way and said you are so talented!Anyone would think kate was a little girl the way I go on about her cookies not coming 21 as she is, but her life changed with that accident at the age of 13 when a car ploughed into the bus shelter where she sitting on her way to school.Ive had a different daughter for the last 7 years, she has had to teach herself things she once knew how to do, even walk which she couldnt do after the accident.So now she is getting excited about things she should have done years ago which pleases me too xxxx